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February 01 2015

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Probleme mit Rechten.
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oder, um mit Chomsky zu reden, es gibt ein einfaches Mittel, den Terrorismus zu stoppen: mit dem eigenen aufhören.

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Be careful who you call your friends. I’d rather have 4 quarters than 100 pennies
— Al Capone  (via hefuckin)
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post punk

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Gewinneinbruch bei Exxon. Exxon geht es so schlecht, ...

Gewinneinbruch bei Exxon. Exxon geht es so schlecht, dass sie ihr Aktienrückkaufprogramm gestoppt haben. SO SCHLECHT geht es denen!

In Zahlen:

The oil company reported $3.5 billion in profit for the last three months of 2014, down 30% from a year ago and its lowest since the 2009 recession.
Der Ölpreis hat sich mal eben halbiert. Und die machen immer noch Milliardenprofite.
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Illegal drugs account for 0.5% of all drug-related deaths in Germany
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this line in my textbook makes it almost worth the $160 I spent on it
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when you try to finish side quests before doing the main one and finishing side quests just creates more side quests


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as a person that is a non native english speaker, i have no idea how you native english speakers don’t know the difference between your and you’re.

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January 29 2015

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Dicovering a new music band
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